User Roles

Define and assign user roles to limit the access specific user accounts have to certain web console screens. You can define user roles to completely hide web console screens, limit access to "Read only", or grant full configuration rights.

The following table outline the tasks available on the User Roles screen.



Add custom role

Click Add to create a new custom role.

For more information, see Adding a Custom Role.


Only the "root" account or users with the built-in administrator role can create and assign custom user roles to user accounts.

Copy settings from an existing custom role

Select a preexisting custom role and click Copy. The Copy Role screen appears allowing you to create a new custom role based off of the original settings.

Delete existing custom roles

Select preexisting custom roles and click Delete.


You cannot delete roles currently assigned to user accounts.

Export custom roles

Select preexisting custom roles, click the Export button, and select one of the following:

  • Export to DAT: Exports the selected roles to a DAT file that you can import to another Apex One server

  • Export to CSV: Exports the selected roles to a CSV file that you can use to view role settings


    You cannot import the generated CSV file to the Apex One server.

Import custom roles

Click Import to import the user roles settings from a previously exported user role DAT file.

For more information, see Importing or Exporting Custom Roles.

Edit existing custom roles

Click the name of a preexisting user role to view or modify the current role settings.


You cannot modify the contents of any of the predefined user roles.

For more information, see Built-in User Roles.