Role-based Administration

Use Role-based Administration to grant and control access to the Apex One web console. If there are several Apex One administrators in your organization, you can use this feature to assign specific web console privileges to the administrators and present them with only the tools and permissions necessary to perform specific tasks. You can also control access to the agent tree by assigning them one or several domains to manage. In addition, you can grant non-administrators "view only" access to the web console.

Each user (administrator or non-administrator) is assigned a specific role. A role defines the level of access to the web console. Users log on to the web console using custom user accounts or Active Directory accounts.

Role-based administration involves the following tasks:

  1. Define user roles. For details, see User Roles.

  2. Configure user accounts and assign a particular role to each user account. For details, see User Accounts.

View web console activities for all users from the system event logs. The following activities are logged:

  • Logging on to the console

  • Password modification

  • Logging off from the console

  • Session timeout (user is automatically logged off)