Quarantine Manager

Whenever the Security Agent detects a security risk and the scan action is quarantine, it encrypts the infected file and then moves it to the local quarantine folder located in <Agent installation folder>\SUSPECT\Backup.

After moving the file to the local quarantine directory, the Security Agent sends it to the designated quarantine directory. Specify the directory in Agents > Agent Management > Settings > {Scan Type} Settings > Action tab. Files in the designated quarantine directory are encrypted to prevent them from infecting other files. See Quarantine Directory for more information.

If the designated quarantine directory is on the Apex One server computer, modify the server's quarantine directory settings from the web console. The server stores quarantined files in <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Virus.


If the Security Agent is unable to send the encrypted file to the Apex One server for any reason, such as a network connection problem, the encrypted file remains in the Security Agent quarantine folder. The Security Agent will attempt to resend the file when it connects to the Apex One server.