Enhanced Product Integration Through Apex Central

The Apex Central web console provides advanced Security Agent policy configuration setting that are not available from the Apex One web console. With the correct licensing, you can send the following enhanced security policies to Security Agents across your network.



Application Control

Integration with Application Control provides Apex One users with advanced application blocking and endpoint lockdown capabilities. You can run application inventories and create policy rules that only allow specific applications to execute on your endpoints. You can also create application control rules based on application category, vendor, or version.

Endpoint Sensor

Integration with Endpoint Sensor allows you to monitor, record, and perform both current and historical security investigations on your Apex One endpoints. Use the Apex Central console and perform preliminary investigations to locate at-risk endpoints before executing an in-depth Root Cause Analysis to identify the attack vectors.

Vulnerability Protection

Integration with Vulnerability Protection protects Apex One users by automating the application of virtual patches before official patches become available. Trend Micro provides protected endpoints with recommended Intrusion Prevention rules based on your network performance and security priorities.

For more information about the enhanced product integration, see the Apex Central Administrator's Guide.