Manually Deleting Logs

  1. Go to Logs > Agents > Security Risks, or Agents > Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, click the root domain icon () to include all agents or select specific domains or agents.
  3. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you are accessing the Security Risk Logs screen, click Delete Logs.

    • If you are accessing the Agent Management screen, click Logs > Delete Logs.

  4. Under Log Types to Delete, select the type of log data to remove:
    • Behavior Monitoring logs

    • C&C Callback logs

    • Data Loss Prevention logs

    • Device Control logs

    • Firewall logs

    • Predictive Machine Learning logs

    • Spyware/Grayware logs

    • Scan Operation logs

    • Suspicious Connection logs

    • Suspicious Files logs

    • Virus/Malware logs

    • Web Reputation logs


    For virus/malware logs, you can delete logs generated from certain scan types and Damage Cleanup Services. For spyware/grayware logs, you can delete logs from certain scan types.

    For details about scan types, see Scan Types.

  5. Under Logs to Delete, select one of the following:
    • All logs for the selected log types: Deletes all log data for the selected log types

    • Logs older than XX days: Deletes all log data older than the amount of days specified for the selected log types

  6. Click Delete.