Managing License Information

The License Information screen allows you to view details about and renew your existing product license.

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > Product License.
  2. View license information.




    The name of the product license


    The current license status


    Indicates either a Full or Trial subscription


    The number of Security Agents licensed to report to the server

    Expiration Date

    The date the license expires

    Activation Code

    The current Activation Code registered to Trend Micro

    Last Updated

    The last time updated license information was retrieved from Trend Micro servers

  3. Renew an expired or soon-to-expire license.
    1. Click Specify Activation Code.

      The New Activation Code screen appears.

    2. Paste or type the new Activation Code.
    3. Click Save.

      The License Information screen appears with the updated license information.