Deploying the Data Protection Module to Security Agents

  1. Go to Agents > Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, you can:
    • Click the root domain icon () to deploy the module to all existing and future agents.

    • Select a specific domain to deploy the module to all existing and future agents under the domain.

    • Select a specific agent to deploy the module only to that agent.

  3. Deploy the module in two different ways:
    • Click Settings > DLP Settings.

    • Click Settings > Device Control Settings.


      If you deploy from Settings > DLP Settings and the Data Protection module was deployed successfully, Data Loss Prevention drivers will be installed. If the drivers are installed successfully, a message displays, informing users to restart their endpoints to finish installing the drivers.

      If the message does not display, there might be problems installing the drivers. If you enabled debug logging, check the debug logs for details about driver installation problems.

  4. A message displays, indicating the number of agents that have not installed the module. Click Yes to start the deployment.

    If you click No (or if the module was not deployed to one or several agents for some reason), the same message displays when you click Settings > DLP Settings or Settings > Device Control Settings again.

    Security Agents start to download the module from the server.

  5. Check if the module was deployed to agents.
    1. In the agent tree, select a domain.
    2. In the agent tree view, select Data protection view or View all.
    3. Check the Data Protection Status column. The deployment status can be any of the following:
      • Running: The module was deployed successfully and its features have been enabled.

      • Requires restart: Data Loss Prevention drivers have not been installed because users have not restarted their computers. If the drivers are not installed, Data Loss Prevention will not be functional.

      • Stopped: The service for the module has not been started or the target endpoint has been shut down normally. To start the Data Protection service, go to Agents > Agent Management > Settings > Additional Service Settings and enable Data Protection Services.

      • Cannot install: There was a problem deploying the module to the agent. You will need to re-deploy the module from the agent tree.

      • Cannot install (Data Loss Prevention already exists): The Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention software already exists on the endpoint. Apex One will not replace it with the Data Protection module.

      • Not installed: The module has not been deployed to the agent. This status displays if you chose not to deploy the module to the agent or if the status of the agent is Offline or Independent during deployment.