Deployment of Data Protection to Security Agents

Deploy the Data Protection module to Security Agents after activating its license. After the deployment, Security Agents will start to use Data Loss Prevention and Device Control.

  • By default, the module is disabled on Windows Server platforms to prevent impacting the performance of the host machine. If you want to enable the module, monitor the system’s performance constantly and take the necessary action when you notice a drop in performance.

    You can enable or disable the module from the web console. For details, see Security Agent Services.

  • If the Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention software already exists on the endpoint, Apex One will not replace it with the Data Protection module.

  • Online agents install the Data Protection module immediately. Offline and Independent agents install the module after reconnecting to the Apex One server.

  • Users must restart their computers to finish installing Data Loss Prevention drivers. Inform users about the restart ahead of time.

  • Trend Micro recommends enabling debug logging to help you troubleshoot deployment issues. For details, see Enabling Debug Logging for the Data Protection Module.