Data Protection Installation

The Data Protection module includes the following features:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Prevents unauthorized transmission of digital assets

  • Device Control: Regulates access to external devices


Apex One out-of-the-box has a Device Control feature that regulates access to commonly used devices such as USB storage devices. Device Control that is part of the Data Protection module expands the range of monitored devices. For a list of monitored devices, see Device Control.

Data Loss Prevention and Device Control are native Apex One features but are licensed separately. After you install the Apex One server, these features are available but are not functional and cannot be deployed to Security Agents. Installing Data Protection means downloading a file from the ActiveUpdate server or a custom update source, if one has been set up. When the file has been incorporated into the Apex One server, you can activate the Data Protection license to enable the full functionality of its features. Installation and activation are performed from Plug-in Manager.