Searching the Agent Tree

Use the search and view features above the Agent Tree (Agents > Agent Management) to locate specific endpoints managed by Apex One.

  • Search for any agent to manage by specifying the agent name in the Search for endpoints text box.

    A list of results appears in the agent tree. For more search options, click Advanced Search.


    You must use the Advanced Search feature to locate endpoints using IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

    For details, see Advanced Search Options.

  • After selecting a domain, the agent tree table expands to show the agents belonging to the domain and all the columns containing relevant information for each agent. To view only a set of related columns, select an item in the agent tree view.
    • View all: Shows all columns

    • Update view: Shows all the components and programs

    • Antivirus view: Shows antivirus components

    • Anti-spyware view: Shows anti-spyware components

    • Data protection view: Shows the status of the Data Protection module on agents

    • Firewall view: Shows firewall components

    • Smart protection view: Shows the scan method used by agents (conventional or smart scan) and smart protection components

    • Update Agent view: Shows information for all Update Agents managed by the Apex One server

    • Off-premises agent view: Shows information for all agents reporting to the Edge Relay Server