Deleting a Domain or Agent

  1. Navigate to Agents > Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, select:
    • One or several domains

    • One, several, or all agents belonging to a domain

  3. Click Manage Agent Tree > Remove Domain/Agent.
  4. To delete an empty domain, click Remove Domain/Agent. If the domain has agents and you click Remove Domain/Agent, the Apex One server will re-create the domain and group all agents under that domain the next time agents connect to the Apex One server. You can perform the following tasks before deleting the domain:
    1. Move agents to other domains. To move agents to other domains, drag and drop agents to the destination domains.
    2. Delete all agents.
  5. To delete a single agent, click Remove Domain/Agent.

    Deleting the agent from the agent tree does not remove the Security Agent from the agent endpoint. The Security Agent can still perform server-independent tasks, such as updating components. However, the server is unaware of the existence of the agent and will therefore not deploy configurations or send notifications to the agent.