Viewing Web Reputation Logs

Configure internal Security Agents to send Web Reputation logs to the server. Do this if you want to analyze URLs that Apex One (Mac) blocks and take appropriate actions on URLs you think are safe to access.

  1. Navigate to Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, click the root icon () to include all Security Agents or select specific groups or Security Agents.
  3. Click Logs > Web Reputation Logs.
  4. Specify the log criteria and click Display Logs.
  5. View logs. Logs contain the following information:
    • Date/Time Apex One (Mac) blocked the URL

    • Endpoint where the user accessed the URL

    • Blocked URL

    • URL's risk level

    • Link to the Trend Micro Web Reputation Query system that provides more information about the blocked URL

  6. To save logs to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Export. Open the file or save it to a specific location.

    If you are exporting a large number of logs, wait for the export task to finish. If you close the page before the export task is finished, the .csv file will not be generated.

To keep the size of logs from occupying too much space on the hard disk, manually delete logs or configure a log deletion schedule.

For more information about managing logs, see Managing Logs.