Manual Scan: Action Tab

On the Actions tab, configure the scan actions Apex One (Mac) performs on detected security threats.

Table 1.



Use ActiveAction

ActiveAction is a set of pre-configured scan actions for different types of security risks. If you are unsure which scan action is suitable for a certain type of security risk, Trend Micro recommends using ActiveAction.

ActiveAction settings are constantly updated in the pattern files to protect endpoints against the latest security risks and the latest methods of attacks.

Use the same action for all security risk types

Select this option if you want the same action performed on all types of security risks, except probable virus/malware. For Probable Virus/Malware, the action is always "Pass".

If you choose "Clean" as the first action, select a second action that Apex One (Mac) performs if cleaning is unsuccessful. If the first action is not "Clean", no second action is configurable.

For details about scan actions, see Scan Actions.