Switching from Conventional Scan to Smart Scan

If you are switching Security Agents from conventional scan to smart scan, ensure that you have set up Smart Protection Services on the Apex One server. For details, see the Apex One documentation.

The following table provides other considerations when switching Security Agent to smart scan.

Table 1. Considerations When Switching to Smart Scan



Product license

To use smart scan, ensure that you have activated the licenses for the following services on the Apex One server and that the licenses are not expired:

  • Antivirus

  • Web Reputation and Anti-spyware

Apex One (Mac) server

Ensure that Security Agents can connect to the Apex One (Mac) server. Only online Security Agents will be notified to switch to smart scan. Offline Security Agents get notified when they become online. Roaming Security Agents are notified when they become online or, if the Security Agent has scheduled update privileges, when scheduled update runs.

Also verify that the Trend Micro Apex One (Mac) server has the latest components because smart scan agents need to download the Mac Heuristic Pattern and Smart Scan Agent Pattern from the server. To update components, see Server Update.

Number of Security Agents to switch

Switching a relatively small number of Security Agents at a time allows efficient use of Apex One (Mac) server resources. The Apex One (Mac) server can perform other critical tasks while Security Agents change their scan methods.


When switching to smart scan for the first time, Security Agents need to download the full version of the Mac Heuristic Pattern and Smart Scan Agent Pattern from the Apex One (Mac) server. The Smart Scan Pattern is only used by smart scan agents.

Consider switching during off-peak hours to ensure the download process finishes within a short amount of time. Also consider switching when no Security Agent is scheduled to update from the server.

Agent tree settings

Scan method is a granular setting that can be set on the root, group, or individual agent level. When switching to smart scan, you can:

  • Create a new group and assign smart scan as its scan method. Any Security Agent you move to this group will use smart scan. When you move the Security Agent, enable the setting Apply settings of new group to selected agent(s).

  • Select a group and configure it to use smart scan. Conventional scan agents belonging to the group will switch to smart scan.

  • Select one or several conventional scan agents from a group and then switch them to smart scan.


Any changes to the group's scan method overrides the scan method you have configured for individual Security Agents.

IPv6 support

Smart scan agents send scan queries to smart protection sources.

A pure IPv6 smart scan agent cannot send queries directly to pure IPv4 sources, such as:

  • Smart Protection Server 3.0 (integrated or standalone)


    IPv6 support for Smart Protection Server starts in version 2.5.

  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

Similarly, a pure IPv4 smart scan agent cannot send queries to pure IPv6 Smart Protection Servers.

A dual-stack proxy server that can convert IP addresses, such as DeleGate, is required to allow smart scan agents to connect to the sources.