Update Overview

All component updates originate from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server. When updates are available, the Apex One (Mac) server downloads the updated components.

You can configure the Apex One (Mac) server to update from a source other than the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server. To do this, you need to set up a custom update source. For assistance in setting up this update source, contact your support provider.

The following table describes the different component update options for the Apex One (Mac) server and Security Agents:

Table 1. Server-Agent Update Options

Update Option


ActiveUpdate server

Apex One (Mac) server

Security Agents

The Apex One (Mac) server receives updated components from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server (or another update source if a custom source has been set up) and then deploys the components to Security Agents.

ActiveUpdate server

Security Agents

Security Agents receive updated components directly from the ActiveUpdate server if they cannot connect to the Apex One (Mac) server.