Apex One (Mac) makes use of components to keep endpoints protected from the latest security risks. Keep these components up-to-date by running manual or scheduled updates.

In addition to the components, Security Agents also receive updated configuration files from the Apex One (Mac) server. Security Agents need the configuration files to apply new settings. Each time you modify Apex One (Mac) settings through the web console, the configuration files change.



Agent Program

The Security Agent program provides the actual protection from security risks.

Advanced Threat Scan Engine (Universal)

The Advanced Threat Scan Engine protects against viruses, malware, and exploits to vulnerabilities in software such as Java and Flash. Integrated with the Trend Micro Virus Scan Engine, the Advanced Threat Scan Engine employs signature-based, behavior-based, and aggressive heuristic detection.

Damage Cleanup Engine (Universal)

The Damage Cleanup Engine scans for and removes Trojans and Trojan processes.

Damage Cleanup Template

The Damage Cleanup Template is used by the Damage Cleanup Engine to identify Trojan files and processes so the engine can eliminate them.

Mac Heuristic Pattern

The Mac Heuristic Pattern is used by Smart Scan to identify malware targeting Mac platforms.

Smart Scan Agent Pattern

The pattern file that the Security Agent uses to identify threats. This pattern file is stored on the agent endpoint.

Spyware Active-monitoring Pattern

The Spyware Active-monitoring Pattern contains information that helps Apex One (Mac) identify spyware and grayware.

Virus Scan Engine (Universal)

At the heart of all Trend Micro products lies the scan engine, which was originally developed in response to early file-based computer viruses. The scan engine today is exceptionally sophisticated and capable of detecting different types of security risks, including spyware. The scan engine also detects controlled viruses that are developed and used for research.

By storing the most time-sensitive information about security risks in the pattern files, Trend Micro minimizes the number of scan engine updates while keeping protection up-to-date. Nevertheless, Trend Micro periodically makes new scan engine versions available. Trend Micro releases new engines under the following circumstances:

  • Incorporation of new scanning and detection technologies into the software

  • Discovery of a new, potentially harmful security risk that the scan engine cannot handle

  • Enhancement of the scanning performance

  • Addition of file formats, scripting languages, encoding, and/or compression formats

Virus Pattern

The Virus Pattern contains information that helps Apex One (Mac) identify the latest virus/malware and mixed threat attack. Trend Micro creates and releases new versions of the Virus Pattern several times a week, and any time after the discovery of a particularly damaging virus/malware.