Pure IPv6 Server Limitations

The following table lists the limitations when the Apex One (Mac) server only has an IPv6 address.

Table 1. Pure IPv6 Server Limitations



Agent management

A pure IPv6 server cannot manage pure IPv4 agents.

Updates and centralized management

A pure IPv6 server cannot update from pure IPv4 update sources or report to pure IPv4 central management products, such as:

  • Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server

  • Any pure IPv4 custom update source

Product registration, activation, and renewal

A pure IPv6 server cannot connect to the Trend Micro Online Registration Server to register the product, obtain the license, and activate/renew the license.

Proxy connection

A pure IPv6 server cannot connect through a pure IPv4 proxy server.

Most of these limitations can be overcome by setting up a dual-stack proxy server that can convert between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (such as DeleGate). Position the proxy server between the Apex One (Mac) server and the entities to which it connects or the entities that it serves.