Moving Security Agents to Another Server

  • You can move Security Agents only to another Trend Micro Apex One (Mac) server of the same version or later.

  • If you are moving Security Agents from an on-premises Trend Micro Apex One (Mac) server to a Server as a Service (SaaS) server (or vice versa), ensure that Trend Micro Apex One (Mac) Security Agents can communicate with the server through the listening port and that no application is using the same port on the Security Agent endpoints.

    The following table shows the listening ports.

    Table 1. Agent-server communication ports

    Server Type

    Listening Port


    • For Security Agent version 3.5.3xxx or later: 4343

    • For Security Agent version 3.5.2xxx or earlier: 61617



    For more information, see Configuring Agent-Server Communication Settings.

  1. Navigate to Agent Management.
  2. In the agent tree, select one or more Security Agents.
  3. Click Manage Agent Tree > Move Agent.
  4. Select Move selected agent(s) to another server.
  5. Type the server name or address, and HTTPS port number.
  6. Select Force move offline agents to move offline Security Agents to the specified server.

    If an offline Security Agent is not online after 7 days, the Security Agent remains on the original server and is not moved to the specified server.

  7. Click Move.