A group in Apex One (Mac) is a set of agents that share the same configuration and run the same tasks. By organizing agents into groups, you can simultaneously configure, manage, and apply the same configuration to all agents belonging to the groups.

For ease of management, group agents based on their departments or the functions they perform. You can also group agents that are at a greater risk of infection to apply a more secure configuration to all of them. You can add or rename groups, move agents to a different group, move agents to another server, or remove agents permanently. An agent removed from the agent tree is not automatically uninstalled from the endpoint. The agent can still perform server-dependent tasks, such as updating components. However, the server is unaware of the existence of the agent and therefore cannot send configurations or notifications to the agent.

If the agent has been uninstalled from the endpoint, it is not automatically removed from the agent tree and its connection status is "Offline". Manually remove the agent from the agent tree.