Agent-Server Communication


Security Agents cannot communicate with the server.

If you have updated the web host certificate on the Apex One server, Security Agents automatically authenticates the new certificate before reconnecting to the server. This may take some time. During this process, Security Agents will be disconnected from the server.

To verify Security Agents have authenticated the new certificate, check that the following files are updated with a recent timestamp:

  • On the Security Agent endpoint:

    /Library/Application Support/TrendMicro/common/conf/website.pem

  • On the Apex One server:

    • <TMSM>\TMSM_HTML\ActiveUpdate\ClientInstall\

    • <TMSM>\TMSM_HTML\A0FB621601F4D0FAB00B64F415A2C68C\ClientInstall\

    • <TMSM>\TMSM_HTML\A0FB621601F4D0FAB00B64F415A2C68C\ClientInstall\

If Security Agents are not connected to the server after certificate authentication is complete, do the following to check the logs:

  1. On the server, get the logs from <Server installation folder>\debug.log
  2. On the Security Agent endpoint, follow the steps in General Agent Error to collect logs.
  3. Search the logs using the keyword "error" or "fail".