Installing on a Single Endpoint

The process of installing the Apex One (Mac) Security Agent on a single endpoint is similar to the installation process for other Mac software.

During the installation, users may be prompted to allow connections to iCoreService, which is used to register the Security Agent to the server. Instruct users to allow the connection when prompted.

  1. Check for and uninstall any security software on the endpoint.
  2. Obtain the agent installation package

    For information on obtaining the package, see Agent Installation Methods and Setup Files.

  3. Copy on the endpoint and then launch it using a built-in archiving tool, such as Archive Utility.

    The files on may become corrupted if users launch it using archiving tools not built-in on the Mac.

    To launch from Terminal, use the following command:

    ditto –xk < file path> <destination folder>

    For example:

    ditto –xk users/mac/Desktop/ users/mac/Desktop

    Launching creates a new folder tmsminstall.

  4. Open the tmsminstall folder and launch tmsminstall.pkg.
  5. When a message prompting you to continue with installation displays, click Continue.

  6. On the Introduction screen, click Continue to proceed.

  7. Read the reminders and click Continue.

  8. On the Installation Type screen, click Install.

  9. Fill in the Name and Password fields to begin the installation process.

    Specify the name and password for an account with administrative rights on the endpoint.

  10. If the installation was successful, click Close to finish the installation process.

    The Security Agent automatically registers to the server where the agent installation package was obtained. The Security Agent also updates for the first time.

Perform agent post-installation tasks. For details, see Agent Post-installation.