Configuring the Approved and Blocked URL Lists

Add websites that you consider safe or dangerous to the approved or blocked list. When Apex One (Mac) detects access to any of these websites, it automatically allows or blocks the access and no longer sends a query to smart protection sources.

  1. Navigate to Agents > Web Reputation Approved/Blocked URL List.
  2. Specify a URL in the text box. You can add a wildcard character (*) anywhere on the URL.


    •* means all pages on the domain.

    • ** means all pages on any sub-domain of

    You can type URLs containing IP addresses. If a URL contains an IPv6 address, enclose the address in square brackets.

  3. Click Add to Approved List or Add to Blocked List.
  4. To delete an entry, select an option from the View drop-down list and click the icon next to a URL.
  5. Click Save.