Real-time Scan: Target Tab

  1. Under User Activity on Files, choose activities on files that will trigger Real-time Scan. Select from the following options:
    • Scan files being created/modified: Scan new files introduced into the endpoint (for example, after downloading a file) or files being modified

    • Scan files being retrieved/executed: Scan files as they are opened

    • Scan files being created/modified and retrieved/executed

    • Scan files being created/modified/executed

    For example, if the third option is selected, a new file downloaded to the endpoint will be scanned and stays in its current location if no security risk is detected. The same file will be scanned when a user opens the file and, if the user modified the file, before the modifications are saved.

  2. Under Scan Settings, select one or more from the following options:
    • Scan compressed files: Scan individual files within an archive file

      For more information, see Supported Compressed File Types.

    • Scan network drive: Scan directories physically located on other endpoints, but mapped to the local endpoint