Configuring the Server Update Source

Configure the Apex One (Mac) server to download components from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server or from another source.


If the server only has an IPv6 address, read the IPv6 limitations for server updates in Pure IPv6 Server Limitations.

After the server downloads any available updates, it automatically notifies Security Agents to update their components. If the component update is critical, let the server notify the Security Agents at once by navigating to Agents > Agent Management > Tasks > Update.

  1. Navigate to Updates > Update Source.
  2. Select the location from where you want to download component updates.
    • If you choose ActiveUpdate server:

      • Ensure that the Apex One (Mac) server has Internet connection.

      • If you are using a proxy server, test if Internet connection can be established using the proxy settings.

        For details, see Configuring Proxy Settings for Server Updates.

    • If you choose a custom update source:

      • Set up the appropriate environment and update resources for this update source.

      • Ensure that there is functional connection between the server computer and this update source. For assistance in setting up an update source, contact your support provider.

      • You can obtain updates from Apex Central by typing the Apex Central server address.

  3. Click Save.