Agent Installation Requirements

The following are the requirements for installing the Security Agent on a Mac endpoint.

Table 1. Security Agent installation requirements



Operating system

  • macOS™ Big Sur 11

  • macOS™ Catalina 10.15

  • macOS™ Mojave 10.14

  • macOS™ High Sierra 10.13

  • macOS™ Sierra 10.12

  • OS X™ El Capitan 10.11


  • Processor: Apple® M1 or Intel® Core™ processor

  • RAM: 2GB minimum

  • Available disk space: 512MB minimum

Server-agent communication

  • SSL port (Used by the Endpoint Sensor feature. The same SSL port number configured on the Apex One server.)

  • Listening port:

    • For Security Agent version 3.5.3xxx or later: 4343


      Make sure the listening port is the same as configured on the Apex One server.

      If you plan to update the listening port, do so before installing Security Agents. If you have installed Security Agents and then make changes, Security Agents will lose connection with the server and the only way to re-establish connection is to re-deploy the Security Agents.

      For more information, see Configuring Agent-Server Communication Settings.

    • For Security Agent version 3.5.2xxx or earlier: 61617


  • Access to *

  • If required, proxy server settings for Internet connection