Working with Quarantined Files

When the action on a security risk is "quarantine", the Security Agent renames and then moves the infected file to the quarantine directory on your computer. Actions on security risks are configured by the Apex One (Mac) administrator.

Once in the quarantine directory, the Security Agent can perform further action on the quarantined file, depending on the action you choose on the Quarantined Files screen.

  1. On the main console, click the log icon or the Virus/Malware count to display the Logs screen.
  2. Click View Quarantined Files.
  3. Complete the following steps to unlock the administrative privileges:
    1. Click the lock icon ().
    2. Enter the administrator user name and password.
    3. Click OK.

      The action buttons become active.

  4. Choose from the following actions:
    • Restore: Moves the file back to its original location. Choose this action if you think a file has been incorrectly detected as infected.

    • Delete: Removes the infected file permanently from the computer.

    • Clean: Removes the security risk from the file and then moves the file back to its original location.