Running a Manual Scan

Manual Scan is an on-demand scan and starts immediately after you launch it from the Security Agent console. Manual Scan checks for security risks and also eradicates old infections to minimize reinfection.

The scanning duration depends on the computer's hardware resources and the number of files to scan.

During a Manual Scan, the Security Agent performs a specific action against detected security risks. The action is configured by the Apex One (Mac) administrator.

  1. Open the main console.
  2. Click Scan and choose one of the following scan options:
    • Quick Scan: Scans areas of the endpoint typically targeted by security risks. The pattern files on the Security Agent contain information on the endpoint areas to scan.

    • Custom Scan: Scans the files or folders of your choice. Run custom scan on files or folders that you suspect to be infected.

    • Full Scan: Scans all files, except encrypted and password-protected files.

  3. Wait for the scan to finish and check the results. You can stop or pause scanning while it is in progress.