Accessing Task Shortcuts

When the Security Agent is running, you can access the shortcut to tasks from the following methods:
  • Tray icon menu

  • Apple menu

click the Apple menu to access the shortcuts to tasks that users perform frequently.

The following table describes the shortcuts.

Task Shortcut


Advanced Scheduled Scan Settings

Available only if the Apex One (Mac) administrator granted you the privilege to configure scheduled scan settings.

Proxy Settings

Configure the Security Agent to connect to its parent server through a proxy server.

See Configuring Proxy Settings.


By default, the Security Agent uses the proxy settings of the web browser to connect to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server.


About Apex One (Mac) Security Agent

View product license and release information.

Quit Apex One (Mac) Security Agent

Close the Security Agent main console.


Closing the Security Agent main console does not stop the Security Agent.