Key Features and Benefits

Apex One (Mac) provides the following features and benefits:

Table 1. Key Features and Benefits



Smart Scan

Apex One (Mac) uses smart scan to make the scanning process more efficient. This technology works by off-loading a large number of signatures previously stored on the local endpoint to Smart Protection Sources. Using this approach, the system and network impact of the ever-increasing volume of signature updates to endpoint systems is significantly reduced.

Damage Cleanup Services

Damage Cleanup Services™ cleans computers of file-based and network viruses, and virus and worm remnants (Trojans, viral files) through a fully-automated process. To address the threats and nuisances posed by Trojans, Damage Cleanup Services does the following:

  • Detects and removes live Trojans

  • Kills processes that Trojans create

  • Repairs system files that Trojans modify

  • Deletes files and applications that Trojans drop

Because Damage Cleanup Services runs automatically in the background, it is not necessary to configure it. Users are not even aware when it runs. However, Apex One (Mac) may sometimes notify users to restart their endpoints to complete the process of removing a Trojan.

Security Risk Protection

Apex One (Mac) protects endpoints from security risks by scanning files and then performing a specific action on each security risk detected. An overwhelming number of security risks detected over a short period of time signals an outbreak. Apex One (Mac) notifies you of any outbreak so you can take immediate action, such as cleaning infected endpoints and isolating them until they are completely risk-free.

Web Reputation

Web Reputation technology proactively protects endpoints within or outside the corporate network from malicious and potentially dangerous websites. Web Reputation breaks the infection chain and prevents downloading of malicious code.

Verify the credibility of websites and pages by integrating Apex One with the Smart Protection Server or the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

Agent self-protection

  • Enhanced file integrity monitoring ensure the validity and availability of the Security Agent program files.

  • Protection against the blocking of the Security Agent processes.

  • Prevents users without administrator privileges from accessing the Security Agent log directory on endpoints.