New in this Release

Apex One (Mac) includes the following new features and enhancements:



Predictive Machine Learning

The Predictive Machine Learning engine can protect your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats through advanced file feature analysis. Predictive Machine Learning can ascertain the probability that a threat exists in a file and the probable threat type, protecting you from zero-day attacks.

Device Control

Device Control regulates access to external storage devices and network resources connected to computers. Device Control helps prevent data loss and leakage and, combined with file scanning, helps guard against security risks.

Trusted Program List

The Trusted Program List contains programs that Apex One (Mac) excludes from Real-time Scan and event recording.

Enhanced Smart Scan

The Smart Scan feature has been enhanced to improve malware detection on endpoints.

Enhanced Apex One (Mac) server web console

The Apex One (Mac) server web console interface has been enhanced to provide an easier and more streamlined and modern experience. All the features available in the previous Apex One (Mac) server version are still available in the updated version.

Trend Micro Apex Central integration

Apex One (Mac) integrates with Apex Central, which provides new policy settings for the Endpoint Sensor, Device Control, and Trusted Program List features.