Reviewing the Scheduled Investigation History

Use the Scheduled Investigation History screen to view past schedules and monitor the progress of running schedules.

  1. Access the Scheduled Investigation History screen:
    1. Go to Response > Detailed Investigation.
    2. On the Scheduled Investigation tab, click a value in the Name column.
  2. Review the details listed in the schedule overview:
    • Task name: Name given to the schedule
    • Period and frequency: Shows when and how often the schedule runs the investigation.
    • Method: Criteria used for each run of the schedule. Click to show the full criteria.
    • Target endpoints: Click to view the list of endpoints included in the schedule.
  3. Review the investigation details for each run of the schedule.

    Column Name



    Current state of the investigation


    Percentage of completion of the investigation

    Matched Endpoints

    Number of endpoints that contain an object matching the specified criteria

    Click to open the Investigation Results screen.


    Date and time the investigation started


    Time elapsed since the start of the investigation

    For completed investigations, total time spent running the investigation

  4. Select at least one investigation to enable the following options:
    • Stop: Cancels the investigation. Stopped investigations cannot be resumed.
    • Delete: Stops the investigation, and then removes the investigation from the list. Removed investigations cannot be recovered.