Viewing Managed Product Status Summaries

Apex Central allows you to use the Product Directory screen to view status summaries for managed products and folders.


You can also view managed product status summaries by using the Threat Detection Results widgets on the Dashboard.

  1. Go to Directories > Products.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Select the following items in the Product Directory tree to display status summaries in the working area.



    Managed product

    Select to view System Information and Product License Information

    Managed product folder

    Select to view Antivirus, Spyware/Grayware, Content Security, Web Security, Network Virus, Violation Status, and Component Status summaries

    Managed product server

    Select a managed product server in the Product Directory tree and click Folder > Product View to display all domains on the managed product server

    Domain in the Product Directory tree

    Select to display all clients that belong to this domain on the managed product server


    By default, Apex Central displays a seven days of information ending with the day of your query.

    You can change the summary period by selecting Today, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, or Last 30 days from the Period drop-down list.