Querying Logs from the Product Directory

Apex Central allows you to perform a log query from the Product Directory screen by selecting a managed product or folder from the Product Directory tree as the source of information.


When querying logs from the Product Directory, Apex Central preselects the product scope based on the managed product server or folder you select on the Product Directory screen.

For more information about performing log queries from the Log Query screen, see Log Queries.

  1. Go to Directories > Products.

    The Product Directory screen appears.

  2. Select a managed product or folder from the Product Directory tree.

    The selected managed product or folder determines the product scope of the log query.

  3. Click the Logs button.

    The Log Query screen appears.

  4. Select a log type and click OK.
  5. Select a time period or specify a custom range of dates.
  6. To specify custom filtering criteria:
    1. Click Show advanced filters.
    2. Select All of the criteria or Any of the criteria as the criteria matching rule.
    3. Select a filtering option from the Select criteria... drop-down.
    4. Select an operator and specify the criteria.

    Apex Central supports up to 20 custom filtering criteria for each log query.

  7. Click Search.