Editing a Managed Server

Use the Server Registration screen to edit information for managed servers registered to the Apex Central server.

  1. Go to Administration > Managed Servers > Server Registration.

    The Server Registration screen appears.

  2. Select a product from the Server Type drop-down list.

    A list of registered managed servers appears.

  3. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column for the managed server you want to edit.

    The Edit Server screen appears.

  4. Edit the server information.
    • Authentication: Provide the user name and password if the server requires authentication to log on.

    • Connection: Select the Use a proxy server for the connection check box to use the configured proxy server.

      For more information, see Configuring Proxy Settings for Managed Products.

    • Sample Submission: Select the Virtual Analyzer product/service from the Virtual Analyzer drop-down list.


      If the Virtual Analyzer drop-down list displays Not supported, then the Virtual Analyzer product/service must be configured from the managed product server console (for example, the Deep Discovery Inspector console) instead of Apex Central.

      For more information, see Connected Threat Defense Product Integration.

  5. Click Save.