Configuring Proxy Settings for Managed Products

Apex Central allows you to use a proxy server to connect to managed products on an internal network. After configuring proxy server settings for a managed product, enable the proxy server connection for specific managed servers.

For more information, see Editing a Managed Server.


You can only use one proxy server for all managed servers of the same managed product type.

  1. Go to Administration > Managed Servers > Server Registration.

    The Server Registration screen appears.

  2. Select a product from the Server Type drop-down list.

    A list of registered managed servers appears.

  3. Click Proxy Settings.

    The Proxy Settings screen appears.

  4. Select one of the following protocols:
    • HTTP

    • SOCKS 4

    • SOCKS 5

  5. Specify the following fields:
    • Server: Type the server name, FQDN, or IPv4 address of the proxy server

    • Port: Type the port number that the proxy server uses for client connections

  6. If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the following credentials:
    • User name

    • Password

  7. Click Save.
  8. To enable the proxy server connection:
    1. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column for the managed server you want to edit.

      The Edit Server screen appears.

    2. Select the Use a proxy server for the connection check box in the Connection section.
    3. Click Save.