Filtering by Criteria

Use this option to allocate endpoints automatically based on the filtering criteria.

This option:

  • Is only available on the following managed products:

    • Apex One (Mac)

    • Apex One Data Loss Prevention

    • Apex One Security Agent

    • Mobile Security for Enterprise

    • Trend Micro Endpoint Application Control

  • Uses a filter to automatically assign current and future targets to the policy

  • Is useful for deploying standard settings to a group of targets

Administrators can change the priority of filtered policies in the policy list. When an administrator reorders the policy list, Apex Central re-assigns the targets to different filtered policies based on the target criteria and the user roles of each policy creator.

Apex Central can only assign endpoints without policies to a new filtered policy. To re-allocate an endpoint already assigned to a filtered policy, move another filtered policy with the matching criteria up the priority list.

See Assigning Endpoints to Filtered Policies for more information on how Apex Central assign targets to filtered policies.

  1. On the Create Policy screen, go to the Targets section, select Filter by Criteria, and then click Set Filter.

    The Filter by Criteria screen appears.

  2. Select the following options and define the criteria.



    Match keywords in

    Define keywords based on the host name or Apex Central display name.


    Apex Central performs partial matching for single keyword searches. You can search multiple, comma-separated keywords, however,Apex Central only provides full string matches for each keyword provided.

    IP addresses

    Define a range of IP addresses and click Add.

    • Policy management only supports IPv4 addresses.

    • When a new managed product or endpoint registers to Apex Central, it takes about an hour for the managed product or endpoint to become available for searching by IP address.

    Operating systems

    Select one or more operation systems from the drop-down list.


    Select one of the following directories and define the criteria.

    • Product Directory: Select folders from the Product Directory structure

    • Active Directory: Select organizational units from an integrated Active Directory structure

    • Apex One domain hierarchy: Type at least one Apex One domain hierarchy keyword

  3. Click Save.

    The Create Policy screen reloads.