What's New in Apex Central 2019

This version of Apex Central includes the following new features and enhancements.



Endpoint Sensor Integration

Integration with Endpoint Sensor allows you to monitor, record, and perform both current and historical security investigations on your Apex One endpoints. Use the Apex Central console and perform preliminary investigations to locate at-risk endpoints before executing an in-depth Root Cause Analysis to identify the attack vectors.

For more information, see Threat Investigation Overview.

Application Control Integration

Integration with Application Control provides Apex One users with advanced application blocking and endpoint lockdown capabilities. You can run application inventories and create policy rules that only allow specific applications to execute on your endpoints. You can also create application control rules based on application category, vendor, or version.

Vulnerability Protection Integration

Integration with Vulnerability Protection protects Apex One users by automating the application of virtual patches before official patches become available. Trend Micro provides protected endpoints with recommended Intrusion Prevention rules based on your network performance and security priorities.

Apex One Sandbox as a Service Integration

Subscription to the cloud Virtual Analyzer allows you to perform sample submission, synchronize suspicious object lists, and take action on user-defined suspicious objects.

For more information, see Suspicious Object Lists.

Customized Threat Intelligence

Apex Central allows you to customize your threat intelligence capabilities by manually adding suspicious objects, uploading OpenIOC and STIX files from trusted sources, or automating investigations with the new Apex Central APIs.

For more information, see Preemptive Protection Against Suspicious Objects.

Managed Detection and Response

The Managed Detection and Response Service brings together the power of the Trend Micro Threat Investigation Center and industry-leading user protection solutions to further protect your network. Improve your threat detection, incident response, and continuous monitoring capabilities, even with limited resources on hand.

For more information, see Managed Detection and Response Overview.

Syslog Forwarding

The new Syslog Settings screen allows you to configure Apex Central to automatically forward supported log types to a syslog server.

For more information, see Configuring Syslog Forwarding.