Accessing the Web Console

Log on to the Apex Central console from the Apex Central server or from any endpoint with Internet access and a supported web browser.

  • You cannot use the same user account to log onto the Apex Central management console from multiple browsers on the same endpoint.

  • You can use the same user account to log onto the Apex Central management console from different endpoints.

  1. Access the Apex Central management console locally or remotely.
    • To access the console locally, on the Apex Central server, go to Start > Programs > Trend Micro Apex Central > Trend Micro Apex Central.

    • To access the console remotely, open a web browser and go the following address:

      http(s)://<host name>/WebApp/login.html

      Where <host name> is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN), IP address, or server name of the Apex Central server.

    The Log On screen appears.

  2. Provide logon credentials.
    • To log on using Apex Central account credentials, type the user name and password.

    • To log on with domain credentials, type the domain and user name in the following format, and then type the password.



      Logging on with domain credentials requires an integrated Active Directory structure.

      For more information, contact your Active Directory administrator.

  3. Click Log On.

    If your administrator enabled Two-Factor Authentication, follow the on-screen prompts.

    For more information on setting up Two-Factor Authentication, contact your administrator.

  4. (Optional) When logging on with domain credentials, you can store the credentials for future use by clicking the Log On with Domain Credentials button.

    The Log On with Domain Credentials button only displays if the administrator added the Apex Central server to the Active Directory domain on the Active Directory server.

    Apex Central prompts you to provide your domain credentials and confirm the automatic logon. The next time you access the console, click Log On with Domain Credentials to log on automatically.

  5. To log off from the web console, go to the top right corner of the web console and click <account_name> > Log Off.