Operation Center Chart

The chart on the Operation Center tab displays the relationship between the critical threat ratio and compliance level of your network. The x-axis indicates the ratio of critical threats to total endpoints within a site or reporting line. The y-axis indicates the compliance levels of the sites or reporting lines for the selected compliance indicator. You can use this data to quickly identify high risk users and groups from an integrated Active Directory structure.


To change the sample chart data and display sites or reporting lines based on your company network, enable Active Directory integration or create custom sites based on IP addresses.

For more information, see Active Directory and Compliance Settings.

Hover over a node to view compliance and critical threat information for particular sites or reporting lines. The tail on a node indicates the direction from which the security status has changed over the specified time period.

  • Click the settings icon ( > ) to change the Active Directory grouping (Sites, Reporting Lines) represented by the node.

  • You can also customize sites and reporting lines by using the Active Directory and Compliance Settings screen.

    For more information, see Endpoint and User Grouping.

The default view displays the selected compliance indicator information for all nodes on your network for the last 7 days.

  • Select a different compliance indicator to change the compliance information that displays.

    For more information, see Compliance Indicators.

  • Click the settings icon ( > ) to change the Period for the data that displays.

  • Click a node to view detailed information about the selected node in the summary panel on the right.

    For more information, see Operation Center Details Pane.