Product Application Compliance Widget

This widget displays the product version, language, build, and update status for managed products. This provides administrators a quick way to discern which managed product's applications are up-to-date and which require updating.

You can choose to display the data in a bar chart or table by clicking the display icons ().

Click the counts in the Up-to-date and Out-of-date columns to open a screen that displays detailed information. Apex Central performs a log query to provide the detailed information.




The managed product registered to Apex Central


Version of the managed product


Language version of the managed product


Build number of the managed product


Number of products that are considered updated

Edit the widget to specify the minimum product version that should still be considered "up-to-date".

Click the count to view more details about the product.


Number of products that are "out-of-date"

Click the count to view more details about the product.

Up-to-date Rate (%)

Percentage of products that are "up-to-date"

By default the widget displays data from all the managed products that a user's account privileges allow.

Specify a bar graph or a table to display the data. By default, data is displayed as a bar graph.

Click Edit to access the following options:

  • Click Scope > Browse to specify the products that contribute data for the widget.

    The data scope specifies the products which the widget uses to display data. This can have a drastic affect on the usefulness of the information that the widget displays.

  • On the Up-to-date range drop-down, specify the number of product versions away from the latest build that should still be considered "up-to-date".

Click Save to apply changes and exit.