Creating a Custom Reporting Line

You can create a custom reporting line to group users that report directly or indirectly to the selected managers.

  1. Go to Administration > Settings > Active Directory and Compliance Settings.
  2. Click the Reporting Lines tab.
  3. (Optional) Change the Reporting line level setting and click Apply to update the list.

    The reporting line level indicates the level of management hierarchy for a user in Active Directory.

  4. Click Add Custom. The Add Custom Reporting Line screen appears.
  5. Specify the Display name that identifies the group on the Operation Center widget/tab.
  6. Select a user from the Users list and click the icon to add to the Selected Users list.

    To select more than one user, press CTRL and click the user names.

  7. Click Save.

    After creating a custom reporting line:

    • Click Delete Custom to delete a selected custom reporting line.

    • Click the custom group name to change the settings.