One-time Reports

The One-time Reports screen provides a list of all previously generated one-time reports for your network. You can use this screen to create new one-time reports and view previously generated one-time reports.

The following table outlines the available tasks on the One-time Reports screen.



Add new one-time reports

Click Add to create a new one-time report.

For more information, see Creating One-time Reports.

Delete one-time reports

Select an existing one-time report and click Delete.

Forward one-time reports to email recipients

Select an existing one-time report and click Forward to email the report as an attachment to specified recipients.

View generated one-time reports

Click the View link in the View column of the report you want to view.

View one-time report profiles

Click the Name of a previously generated one-time report to view the report profile.


You cannot edit the profiles of previously generated one-time reports.