Managed Product Unreachable

Configure the following event notification to notify administrators when a connection error occurs between Apex Central and a managed product server.

  1. Go to Detections > Notifications > Event Notifications.

    The Event Notifications screen appears.

  2. Click Unusual Product Behavior.

    A list of events appears.

  3. In the Event column, click Managed product unreachable.

    The Managed Product Unreachable screen appears.

  4. Select recipients for the notification.
    1. From the Available Users and Groups list, select contact groups or user accounts.
    2. Click >.

      The selected contact groups or user accounts appear in the Selected Users and Groups list.

  5. Enable one or more of the following notification methods.



    Email message

    To customize the email notification template, use supported token variables or modify the text in the Subject and Message fields.

    For more information, see Standard Token Variables.

  6. To test if recipients can receive the event notification, click Test.
  7. Click Save.