Event Notifications

Apex Central can notify individuals or groups of recipients about events detected by managed products. Supported notification methods include email messages, Windows system log notifications, SMNP traps, syslog messages, and trigger applications.

For more information, see Notification Method Settings

Use the Event Notifications screen to enable or disable notifications about events from the following categories.

Event Category


Advanced Threat Activity

Provides warnings about advanced and unknown threats

For more information, see Advanced Threat Activity Events.

Content Policy Violation

Provides warnings about email content and URL security policy violations

For more information, see Content Policy Violation Events.

Data Loss Prevention

Provides information about Data Loss Prevention incidents and template matches

For more information, see Data Loss Prevention Events.

Known Threat Activity

Provides warnings about viruses/spyware/grayware detected by antivirus managed products

For more information, see Known Threat Activity Events.

Network Access Control

Provides warnings from managed Network VirusWall products

For more information, see Network Access Control Events.

Unusual Product Behavior

Provides information about product options or service activation and deactivation

For more information, see Unusual Product Behavior Events.


Provides antivirus and content security component update results (successful or unsuccessful)

For more information, see Updates.