Email Messages with Advanced Threats

Displays all email messages with malicious and suspicious behavior. Suspicious behavior includes anomalous behavior, false or misleading data, suspicious and malicious behavioral patterns, and strings that indicate system compromise but require further investigation to confirm.




The date and time Apex Central received the data from the managed product

Product Entity

Displays the entity display name for a managed product. Apex Central identifies managed products using the managed product's entity display name.


Displays the name of the managed product. Example: Apex One, ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange


Displays the email recipients receiving content that violate managed product policies.


Displays the email address sending content that violates managed product policies.


Displays the content of the subject line of the email that violates a policy.

Attachment Count

Number of attachments


Attachment name

Atttachment Type

Attachment type


Displays the type of action managed products take against email in violation of content policies.

Example: deliver, strip, quarantine

Threat Type

Threat type

Threat Name

Threat name

Risk Level

Email message risk levels after investigation

Source IP

MTA IP address nearest to the email sender

Message ID

Administrator-configured unique message ID

Link Count

Number of links in the message


List of links