Attack Discovery Detection Information

This data view provides general information about threats detected by the Attack Discovery.

Table 1. Attack Discovery Detection Information




Displays the time when Attack Discovery detected the threat


Displays the time when Apex Central received the detection log from Attack Discovery


The host name of the endpoint with an agent installed


Displays the name of the managed product

Managing Server Entity

Displays the host name of the managed product server

Product Version

Displays the version of the managed product

Endpoint IP

The IP address of the endpoint with an agent (for example, the Apex One agent) installed

Risk Level

Displays the risk level assigned by Attack Discovery

Pattern Version

Displays the Attack Discovery pattern number for the detection type


Displays the Attack Discovery category for the detection type

Rule ID

Displays the serial number of the detection rule

Rule Name

Displays rules which specify behaviors to be detected by Attack Discovery

Related Objects

Displays the number of detections

Click the count to view additional details.

For more information, see Detailed Attack Discovery Detection Information.

Generated (Local Time)

Displays the time in the agent's local timezone when Attack Discovery detected the threat

The time is displayed with the UTC offset.

Instance ID

Detection ID assigned to the event

Entries having the same instance ID belong under the same event.