Real Time Status

Use the real time status widget to monitor the Smart Protection Server status.


When this widget displays on the Summary screen, the product console session will not expire. The Computer Status is updated every minute which means the session will not expire due to the requests sent to the server. However, the session will still expire if the tab that is currently displayed does not contain this widget.

Table 1. Widget Data




Services provided by the Smart Protection Server.


This displays the protocols supported by services. File Reputation Services and Web Reputation Services support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. HTTPS provides a more secure connection while HTTP uses less bandwidth.


File Reputation and Web Reputation Service addresses. These addresses are used with Trend Micro products that support Smart Protection Server computers. The addresses are used for configuring connections to Smart Protection Server computers.

Computer Status

The following items are displayed under Health Status:

  • File Reputation Query: displays whether File Reputation is functioning as expected.

  • Web Reputation Query: displays whether Web Reputation is functioning as expected.

  • ActiveUpdate: displays whether ActiveUpdate is functioning as expected.

  • Average CPU load: displays the computer load average for the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes generated by the kernel.

  • Free memory: displays the available physical memory on the computer.

  • Swap disk usage: displays the swap disk usage.

  • Free space: displays the available free disk space on the computer.