Log Maintenance

Perform log maintenance to delete logs that are no longer needed. These are the options available on this screen.

  • Pattern Update Log: Select to purge pattern update log entries.

  • Program Update Log: Select to purge update log entries.

  • Blocked URLs: Select to purge URL query entries.

  • Reputation Service Log: Select to purge reputation service event entries.

  • Delete all logs: Select to delete all logs.

  • Purge logs older than the following number of days: Select to purge older logs.

  • Enable scheduled purge: Select to schedule automatic purge.

  1. Go to Logs > Log Maintenance.
  2. Select the log types to purge.
  3. Select to delete all logs or logs older than a specified number of days.
  4. Select a purge schedule or click Purge Now.
  5. Click Save.