Key Features and Benefits

Smart Protection Server provides the following features and benefits:

  • File Reputation Technology

    • The corporate network will be better positioned to handle the threat of volume.

    • The overall "time to protect" against emerging threats is greatly decreased.

    • The kernel memory consumption on workstations is significantly lowered and increases minimally over time.

    • Streamlines administration and simplifies management. The bulk of pattern definition updates only need to be delivered to one server instead of many workstations. This reduces the bulk of the impact of a pattern update on many workstations.

    • Protects against web-based and blended attacks.

    • Stops viruses/malware, Trojans, worms, plus new variants of these security risks.

    • Detects and removes spyware/grayware (including hidden rootkits).

  • Web Reputation Technology

    • Protects against web-based and blended attacks.

    • Privacy sensitive customers do not need to worry about revealing confidential information through Web Reputation queries to the Smart Protection Network.

    • Smart Protection Server response time to queries is reduced when compared to queries to Smart Protection Network.

    • Installing a Smart Protection Server in your network reduces the gateway bandwidth load.