Program File Updates

Update to the latest version of the product program to take advantage of product enhancements. These are the options available on this screen.

  • Operating System: Select to update operating system components.

  • Smart Protection Server: Select to update the product server program file.

  • Widget Components: Select to update widgets.

  • Enable scheduled updates: Select to update program files daily at a specified time or weekly.

  • Download only: Select to download updates and receive a prompt to update program files.

  • Update automatically after download: Select to apply all updates to the product after download regardless of whether a restart or reboot is required.

  • Do not automatically update programs that require a restart or reboot: Select to download all updates and only install programs that do not require a restart or reboot.

  • Upload: Click to upload and update a program file for Smart Protection Server.

  • Browse: Click to locate a program package.

  • Save and Update Now: Click to apply settings and perform an update immediately.

There are three ways to update the program file: scheduled updates, manual updates, and by uploading the component.